Top 10 Projects

Current Top 10 Projects

  1. Post Vision / Mission / Initiatives on the website.
    • Vision-Mission-Initiatives posted on the website. Current projects are updated quarterly.
  2. Host Annual Reception for Council's Appointed Boards and Commissions.
    • 3rd Annual Reception scheduled to be held October 29, 2019.
  3. Implement Wayfinding Program.
    • Project on hold pending completion of the branding project.
  4. Craft/Adopt Economic Development Strategy for Middleburg.
    • Business & Economic Development Coordinator drafted a short-term plan.  A Request For Proposals (RFP) has been issued for the hiring of a consultant to assist in the development of a long-term strategy.  
  5. Create a Land Use Partnership with Loudoun County.
    • Planning staff and Planning Commissions already have an established relationship. Council, Planning Commission and Staff are working to identify shared issues associated with Town and County Comprehensive Plan updates. Joint meeting between Town Council and some members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors held May 7, 2018.
  6. Perform a Downtown Parking Study.
    • The draft study received and presented to the Council during its April 2018 work session.
  7. Conduct Town Staff Office Needs Assessment.
    • Town exploring possible locations for new Town Office.
  8. Adopt an updated Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), with a capital maintenance component.
    1. Adopted CIP was updated for Fiscal Year 2020 budget discussions.  Ongoing capital maintenance budget included in current and future fiscal years.
  9. Develop a Middleburg "brand".
    • RFP for a consultant to develop a Middleburg brand has been issued.
  10. Place a mayor's message on the town's website and in the newspapers quarterly.
    • Mayor Littleton posted his second message on the Town's website and in the newspaper.  Future plans are for the development of a video message for website.