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Art in the Burg Artists Application Form

  1. Art in the Burg Artists Application Form

    In order to be considered for this juried event, please complete the attached application. Please include photos of your art. ... More…

Business License

  1. Vendor/Craftsman Selling at Limited Church Events or Limited Community Events

    This application must be filed and the fee paid prior to the event. A "limited church event" or "limited community event" is as... More…

Farmer's Market

  1. Farmer's Market Vendor Application

    To apply to be a vendor at the Middleburg Community Farmer's Market


  1. On-Street Parking Space Rental Application

    To rent a public parking space

Wellness Day

  1. Wellness Day Exhibitor Registration Form

    If you wish to be an exhibitor at the Wellness Day, please complete and print this form and return it to the Town of Middleburg (P.O.... More…