Town of Middleburg, VA

It is the mission of the Middleburg Town Council to provide its citizens, businesses and visitors with superior public services in a fiscally prudent and socially responsible manner while sustaining Middleburg’s historic character, natural beauty and small town charm.

                                        Transparency                      Accountability

                                        Engagement                        Trust

                                        Teamwork                            Leadership

                                        Respect                               Integrity                    

                                        Stewardship                        Approachability

Middleburg, founded in 1787, remains the authentic, quaint, vibrant, living and working community located in the heart of Virginia’s pastoral piedmont countryside. Middleburg sustains its strong sense of place through stewardship that honors the town’s rich history while embracing purposeful change in order that Middleburg’s heritage and cultural traditions will be enjoyed by future generations.

Strategic Initiatives


"Preserving our heritage through purposeful change"

Vision Statement

Core Values

Mission Statement