Top 10 Goals for 2022-2023

Strategic Initiatives

At its Strategic Planning Retreat in January 2020, the Town Council reviewed and revised its Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Key Priorities for the Town of Middleburg government. At that meeting, they identified a number of key projects, initiatives, and actions to focus on in the coming years. The Town Council reviewed its Strategic Initiatives in February 2021 and April 2022. 

The Town Council held its most recent Strategic Planning Session on March 6, 2023, at The Hill School, to discuss its strategic goals and initiatives. The Council adopted the updated Strategic Plan at that meeting, and the staff memo can be found here.

The Town Council will establish a two-year Strategic Plan each even year, to be reviewed in odd years for any updates, additions, or changes. Below are the Council's top initiatives for 2022-2023.

2022-2023 Strategic Plan Document

Current Top 10 Goals for 2022-2023

  1. Adopt Zoning Ordinance Updates
    (Some amendments have been adopted; additional updates to be considered in 2023)
  2. Champion and Host a Rural Preservation Summit in 2023
    (Scheduled for April 11, 2023)
  3. Partner with the County to Ensure Compliance with the Loudoun County and Middleburg Comprehensive Plans Related to the Protective Green Belt around Middleburg
    (Ongoing involvement in Loudoun County conservation easement and land use policy efforts)
  4. Explore Strategies and Options for Attainable Housing
    (Ongoing engagement in local efforts to provide a variety of housing options for residents)
  5. Adopt Updated Investment Policy for Town
    (Completed June 2022; see FY23 adopted budget).
  6. Finalize Establishment and Launch of Charitable Foundation Non-Profit for 2022 Disbursements
    (Completed in November 2022; disbursement of funds to occur in March/April 2023)
  7. Strengthen Partnership with MBPA through an MOA
    (MOA adopted in November 2022)
  8. Foster Sense of Community through Quality of Life Focused Programs and Activities for our Residents
  9. Conduct a Comprehensive Review of South Madison Street to Improve Commercial Vitality and Safety
  10. Initiate Focused and Actionable Discussions with Stakeholders on Future Uses of Asbury Church