Top 10 Projects

Current Top 10 Projects

  1. Post Vision / Mission / Initiatives on the website.
    • Vision-Mission-Initiatives posted on the website. Current projects are updated quarterly.
  2. Host Annual Reception for Council's Appointed Boards and Commissions.
    • 3rd Annual Reception held October 29, 2019.
  3. Implement Wayfinding Program.
    • Staff exploring possible vendors for design development of wayfinding signage.
  4. Craft/Adopt Economic Development Strategy for Middleburg.
    • Business & Economic Development Coordinator drafted a short-term plan.  Camoin Associates under contract to assist in the development of a long-term strategy.
  5. Create a Land Use Partnership with Loudoun County.
    • Planning staff and Planning Commissions already have an established relationship. Council, Planning Commission and Staff are working to identify shared issues associated with Town and County Comprehensive Plan updates. .
  6. Perform a Downtown Parking Study.
    • The draft study received and presented to the Council during its April 2018 work session.
  7. Conduct Town Staff Office Needs Assessment.
    • Town exploring possible locations for new Town Office.
  8. Adopt an updated Capital Improvements Plan (CIP), with a capital maintenance component.
    1. Adopted CIP was updated for Fiscal Year 2020 budget discussions.  Ongoing capital maintenance budget included in current and future fiscal years.
  9. Develop a Middleburg "brand".
    • The Town of Middleburg has been working with a branding and graphic design firm to develop a new marketing logo and brand identity for the Town. This logo will not replace the official seal but will complement it by providing a logo and materials to attract more visitors and business to the Town. 
  10. Place a mayor's message on the town's website and in the newspapers quarterly.
    • Mayor Littleton posted his second message on the Town's website and in the newspaper.  Future plans are for the development of a video message for website.