Middleburg Arts Council


The Middleburg Arts Council (MAC) is an advisory committee to the Town Council. Their role is to coordinate the cultural and art events that are sponsored by the Town of Middleburg (excluding Christmas in Middleburg). This coordinaMiddleburg Arts Counciltion includes staffing the events; the formulation of appropriate rules for the events; organizing any entertainment associated with events; and, advertising, promoting and marketing events.


The Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Town Hall Council Chambers. 

Audio - September 16, 2020 Meeting

Audio - October 21, 2020 Meeting (Part 1)

Audio - October 21, 2020 Meeting (Part 2)

Audio - November 23, 2020 Meeting

Audio - February 17, 2021 Meeting

Audio - March 24, 2021 Meeting


The Town of Middleburg would like to thank the members for their service on the Arts Council.

Members Term Expires
Mary Ann Burns, Chair 06/14/2022
Debbie Cadenas 06/14/2024
Anne Marie Chirieleison 06/14/2024
Matt Pavone 06/14/2024
Punkin Lee 06/14/2023
Jennifer Long 06/14/2023
Valerie Peacock 06/14/2023
Susan Pollard, Vice Chair 06/14/2023
Ann-Charlotte Robinson 06/14/2024
Chris Bernard Council Representative
  Business & Economic Development Director