Mosquito Control

Help Reduce Mosquitoes in Town

Tired of mosquitoes bothering you? The predominant breeding areas for mosquitoes are in our own backyards - below are some tips to help reduce the adult mosquito population:

  • Eliminate Breeding Areas
    • Tip flower pots, children's toys, and other areas of standing water as frequently as possible.
    • Remove areas where water can stand, such as tarps, old tires, or other non-natural surfaces.
  • Treat Standing Water with Larvicide
    • If you have areas of water that cannot be regularly tipped, use a larvicide to kill the mosquitoes before they turn into adults.
    • Areas include: bird baths, rain barrels, cisterns, etc.
    • The Town of Middleburg offers one pack of larvicide tablets FREE to each house.
  • Consider spraying areas of ground cover, especially English Ivy
    • English Ivy is one of the prime areas where mosquitoes breed and take cover.
    • Consider buying an EPA approved insecticide in these areas to eliminate mosquitoes.
  • Talk to your neighbors - mosquitoes don't know property lines, so their yard may be impacting you!

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Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Areas