Parking on Washington Street. 

Photo courtesy:  Cindy Pearson 


The Town Council has adopted a policy with regard to the rental of on-street public parking spaces for the purposes of building maintenance, deliveries, moving and special events.  Application forms, with the appropriate payment, should be submitted to the Town Office, located at 10 West Marshall Street.  For more information, call (540) 687-5152.  

PARKING PERMITS (Liberty Street Parking Lot Only) 

Town of Middleburg, VA

The Town of Middleburg offers parking permits for use in the Liberty Street Parking Lot.  Permits can be purchased for $320/annually (or $160/six month).  Only ten (10) permits are available and can be purchased on a first-come-first serve basis.  Permits are currently available for purchase.  If you are interested, please contact the Town Clerk at (540) 687-5152 or




Middleburg is a walkable town and we strongly encourage residents and visitors to avail themselves of this healthy and easy form of transportation.  If you arrive via automobile, however, free public parking is available in a number of locations throughout the community.  They are identified below:

Pendleton Street Parking Lot (Methodist Church):  This lot is an eight-hour parking lot, offering 26 public parking spaces.   

Liberty Street Parking Lot:  This is a mixed use lot.  It offers 17 eight-hour  parking spaces, 3 handicapped parking spaces and 10 permit parking spaces.

On-Street Parking:  The majority of the on-street public parking is available on Washington Street.  On-street parking spaces can also be found on Federal, Pickering, Pendleton, Madison and Liberty Streets.  While the majority of the spaces are three hour spaces, some are eight hour spaces and a few have no time limits.  Check signage for more information.