The Planning Commission, through the assistance of The Berkley Group, is currently working to update the Town's Comprehensive Plan, also known as the Comp Plan.  Community input sessions and citizen surveys were held in 2018 to learn more about what the community would like to see in the plan.  The Commission has developed draft language for each chapter in the plan and is now in the process of reviewing the document as a whole.  It is anticipated that a community session will be held within the next couple of months to share the details of the proposed plan.  This session will then be followed by public hearings by both the Planning Commission and the Council.  Watch this site for more details.



The Town would like to thank the following members for their service on the Planning Commission:

Eric Combs, Chair                                  Don Woodruff, Vice Chair                         Terence Cooke

Ed Fleischman                                        Mimi Stein                                                  Rachel Minchew

Kevin Hazard, Council Representative

The Planning Commission prepares and recommends to the Council a comprehensive plan for the growth, development and redevelopment of the Town; amendments to the zoning and subdivision regulations; and policies, ordinances and administrative procedures for achieving plans in a coordinated and efficient manner.  The Planning Commission also makes recommendations concerning proposed special use permit, zoning map and text amendment applications.  Members must be residents of the Town of Middleburg. 

The Planning Commission meets on the fourth Monday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. in work session and 7:00 for regular meetings. 

Draft page from Comp Plan Update

Town of Middleburg, VA