Aliloo Oriental Rugs
11  S. Madison Street, 540.687.3048

The Byrne Gallery
7-D W. Washington Street, 540.687.6986

The Christmas Sleigh, European Imports
5 E. Washington Street, 540.687.3665

Crème De La Crème, European Imports
23 E. Washington Street, 540.687.4796

David Condon, Inc., Antique Firearms
109 E. Washington Street, 540.687.5642

David Ladd & Company, Antiques
7 W. Washington Street, 540.687.4186

Duchessa, Womens Apparel
100 E. Washingotn Street, 540.687.8898

English Country Classics, Clothing

21 E. Washington Street

Foxfire Gallery & Antiques
7 E Washington Street, 540-687-5241

The Fun Shop, Since 1956, Gift & Department Store
117 W. Washington Street, 540.687.6590

Hasting Antiques & Design
108 W. Washington Street, 540.687-5664

Highcliffe Clothiers
112 W. Washington Street,  540.687.5633

J. McLaughlin, Apparel

112 W. Washington Street, 540.326.4589

Journeymen Saddlers
2 W. Federal Street, 540.687.5888


116 W. Washington Street, 540.883.3179

Kriser's/Wylie Wagg for Pets
5B E. Washington Street, 540.687.8727

Le Boudoir, Womens Apparel

10 N. Pendleton Street

Le Petit Marche, Grocer

5 W. Washington Street

Lenhill Silver Gallery

111 E. Washington Street

Les Jardins De Bagatelle

12 E. Washington Street

Little Lamkins, Childrens Apparel

3 E. Washington Street

Lou Lou, Too
18 E. Washington Street, 540.687.4204

Middleburg Antique Emporium
107 W. Washington Street, 540.687.8680

Middleburg Exxon
208 E. Washington Street, 540.687.6165

Middleburg Floral Gallery
10 E. Federal Street, 540.687.6393

Middleburg Humane Thrift Shop
6 W Washington Street, 540-687-3272

Middleburg Millwork, Inc.
106 S. Madison Street, 540.687.6318

Middleburg Tack Exchange
103 W. Federal Street, 540.687.6608

Middleburg Tobacco Company

7 W. Washington Street, 571.271.4025

Moda Lookbook, Womens Apparel

22 E. Washington Street

Monté Fine Jewelry and Design
13 W. Federal Street, 540.687.3380

Mystique Jewelers
112 W Washington Street, 540.687.3100

The Popcorn Monkey
101 W  Federal Street, 540.687.6539

Red Fox Fine Art
2 E. Washington Street, 540.687.5780

Richard Allen Clothing, Mens Apparel
100 E. Washington Street, 540.687.6125

12 W. Washington Street, 540.687.6401

Second Chapter Books, LLC
13 E Washington Street, 540.687.7016


103 W. Federal Street, 540.687.5990

The Shaggy Ram

3 E. Washington Street, 540.687.3546

The Tack Box

7 W. Washington Street, 540.687.3231

The Village Blacksmith

111 E. Washington Street, 540.687.5453

The White Elephant

103 W. Federal Street, 540.687.8800

Thomas Hays & Sons Jewelers

19 S. Madison Street, 540.687.6997

Tri-County Feeds

1 W. Washington Street, 

Tully Rector, Apparel

7 E. Washington Street, 540.687.5858

Two Charmed, Gifts

103 W. Federal Street

Wisdom Gallery, Gifts & Chocolates

10 S. Madison Street, 540.687.6423

WW Monograms

9 S. Madison Street

Zest Clothing & Co., Womens Apparel
9 E. Washington Street, 540.687.8702


Best Thai Kitchen

4 E. Federal Street, 540.326.8111

Cuppa GiddyUp

8 E. Washington Street, 540.687.8122

Gold Cup Wine Bar (Salamander Resort)

500 N. Pendleton Street, 540.326.4072

Harrimans Restaurant (Salamander Resort)

500 N. Pendleton Street, 540.687.3600

La Hacienda
3 W. Washington Street, 540.687.3123

King Street Oyster Bar

1 E. Washington Street, 540.883.3156

Market Salamander

200 W. Washington Street, 540.687.8011

Middleburg Common Grounds

114 W. Washington Street, 540.687.7065

Middleburg Deli

2 N. LIberty Street, 540.687.3456

Red Bar Sushi

16 E. Washington Street, 540.326.8900

Red Fox Inn & Tavern

2 E. Washington Street, 540.687.6301

Red Horse Tavern

118 W. Washington Street, 540.687.6443

Scruffy's Ice Cream Parlor

6 W. Washington Street, 540.687.3766

Side Saddle Cafe

7 W. Washington Street, 540.326.8177

Teddy's Pizza & Subs

7 E. Federal Street, 540.687.8880

Thaiverse 2

101 S. Madison Street, 540.883.3145

The Upper Crust

2 N. Pendleton Street, 540.687.5666

Enjoy a pie from Teddy's Pizza!

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Salamander Resort and Spa
500 N Pendleton Street
Middleburg, VA  20117

For Group Inquiries please contact:
Brice O'Keeffe, Director of Sales

Toll Free 866.938.7370
Fax 540.687.3117


Delight in a CuppaGiddyUp creation!

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Or, grab a meal to go at Market Salamander!

Photo courtesy of Visit Loudoun

Stop by our Information Center, locally known as the Pink Box, week days from 11 am - 3 pm and weekends from 10 am - 4 pm. for a casual conversation with one of our docents to learn more about Middleburg.  

Got GPS?

Program your device to get you to the Pink Box: 
12 North Madison Street 
Middleburg, VA 20117

Warn up with Peanut Soup at The Red Fox Inn & Tavern!

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Indulge in a Brownie Sundae from the King Street Oyster Bar

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Middleburg storefronts

Photo courtesy of Loudoun Economic Development/Visit Loudoun

Town of Middleburg, VA

Red Fox Inn and Tavern, Historic Inn
2 E. Washington Street

Middleburg, VA 20117


To learn more  about Middleburg and Loudoun County, visit