Boards, commissions and committees are an important part of Middleburg's Town government process.  Individuals are appointed to be part of a group that advises the Town Council on pertinent issues, policy-making and project development and implementation.  The members increase public input to the Council and enable the Council to focus more closely on community needs and issues.  

Below is this list of committees that currently serve the Town:  

​If you are interested in serving on a Town committee, please send a letter of interest (including any relevant qualifications) to"

Mayor & Members of Town Council
Town of Middleburg
P. O. Box 187
Middleburg, Virginia 20118
Attn:  Committee Vacancies

or via email at

Appointed officials documents related to service:

-Handbook For Boards, Commissions & Advisory Committees

-Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct

-Attendance Policy

-Ordinance pertaining to acceptance of gifts

-FOIA & COIA Guide for Local Government Leaders

-Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form - Disqualification from Voting

-Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form - Voting Permitted

Town Committees

Town of Middleburg, VA