Town Council

The Town of Middleburg operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The eight member Town Council includes seven Council Members and a Mayor, who votes only in case of a tie. All are elected at-large, with Council Members serving four year terms and the Mayor serving a two year term. The Town Council represents the citizens of Middleburg in the governing process and acts on their behalf with regard to regional and local issues as well as State and Federal matters. The Town Council convenes Regular Meetings on the second Thursday of each month and holds Special Meetings on an occasional basis, as deemed necessary. The Town Council appoints the Town Administrator, Town Clerk, Town Treasurer and Chief of Police, as well as members of various Boards and Commissions.

Town of Middleburg, VA


The Town Council is the legislative authority and sets the policies under which the Town operates.Duties of the Town Council include enacting legislation, approving programs, adopting the Annual Operating and Capital Budgets, and appropriating funds for specific services to the Town’s residents, businesses and visitors. The Town Council provides leadership through policy development on current practices and issues impacting the Town’s future over time.

Town Council 

Trowbridge "Bridge" Littleton
Bridge Littleton was elected as Mayor, effective July 2018. His term runs through June 2020.

Darlene Kirk, Vice Mayor
Darlene Kirk was re-elected, effective July 2018. Her term runs through June 2022. 

Peter Leonard-Morgan
Peter Leonard-Morgan was  re-elected , effective July 2018.  This term runs through June 2022.

J. Kevin Daly
J. Kevin Daly was elected, effective July 2016. His term runs through June 2020.

Philip Miller
Philip Miller was elected, effective July 2016. His term runs through June 2020.

Kevin Hazard was re-elected, effective July 2018. His term runs through June 2022.

Cindy Craun Pearson

Cindy C. Pearson was elected, effective July 2018. Her term runs through June 2022. 

Chris Bernard
Chris Bernard was elected to the Council on November 6, 2018 during a special election.  His term runs through June 2020.