What can be recycled?

Recycling helps to reduce your carbon footprint. The Town wanted to provide a brief update for our residents on what materials are now being accepted as recyclable.

  • PETE/HDPE Plastics Number 1-7/Rigid containers - Jugs, bottles, cartons, tubs, trays, buckets, and bins
  • Metals including - Aluminum, bi-metal cans, foil, steel, and tin
  • Paper - Office magazines, newspaper, books, mail, shredded materials, and catalogs
  • Cardboard - Shipping/moving, (flattened) cereal, paperboard, frozen food


  • Recyclable materials may still be commingled in the same container and are later separated at the sorting facility.
  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down. It allows for neater and easier disposal.
  • Items must be free of food and other non-recyclable materials.
  • Receptacles must be strong enough to withstand handling and prevent scattering of contents.
  • Recycling containers, when full, cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.

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