Historic District Review Committee

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The Historic District Review Committee (HDRC) acts on applications for Certificates of Appropriateness (COAs) for changes to properties within the Middleburg Historic District.  The Historic District was established to preserve and protect the unique historical, architectural, cultural, and archaeological heritage represented by the original section of the Town, and all significant historic and archaeological resources within the Town.

Historic District Map

Historic District Boundary Map


The Town of Middleburg would like to recognize the members for their service on the HDRC.

Members Term Expires
William Turnure, AIA, Chair 12/31/2022
Punkin Lee, Vice Chair 12/31/2022
William Anderson, AIA 12/31/2020
Timothy L. Clites, AIA 12/31/2020
Virginia Jenkins 12/31/2020
Margaret Littleton 12/31/2020
Linda Wright 12/31/2022
Cindy Pearson Council Representative
Will Moore Deputy Town Administrator
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